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  1. Von sportlich über elegant bis hin zu bequem - alles, was das Schuhliebhaber-Herz begehrt. Riesige Auswahl an Traditionsschuhen, die Sie stilsicher durch den Alltag begleiten
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  3. a by 40 and all spell resistances by 60
  4. Each set has 3-piece, 5-piece and 8-piece set bonuses, granting additional stats and effects as more pieces of a set are equipped. The Tier 2 Set for Hunter is called Dragonstalker Armor. Dragonstalker Armor Set Bonuses The following are additional bonuses granted on how many pieces of the set you have equipped
  5. I don't know if the T2 bonus was part of it, but a lot of but not all Chance on Hit weapons previously would not proc when the GCD was up. Essentially that means it would only activate when you passively auto attacked. With 1.13.6 those GCD restrictions have been removed. If 8/8 T2 had that restriction (I don't know if it did it not), than that restriction was also removed
  6. You would need 2 hunters to maintain the buff around 90% of the time. However that is in a vacuum as buffs have a priority system and the 8 piece set bonus is the lowest priority and will be knocked off all the time by deep wounds. If that wasn't the case it would definitely be worth it
  7. The stats from T2 +/- make up for that loss imo even w/o considering the 8/8 T2 bonus. As far as i understand, the downside of T2 8/8 bonus is the fact that this debuff has one of the lowest debuff priorities and gets knocked off from mobs/bosses by Warrior's bleeds for example, which means its unreliable at best

whilst 15% on multi is huge on any sort of cleave encounteron anything single target you'd be surprised how close (or ahead) some combination of t2 (for at least 3 piece) + 2 piece pvp (even blue,- has to include gloves, so you still get some multi bonus + even more agi than t1)can be Ein Jäger Outfit mit 14 Gegenständen. Benutzerdefiniertes Transmogset; erstellt mit Wowheads Anprobe. Von k4njin. In der Jäger Outfits Kategorie Proc rate appears to be about 0.5ppm. T2 gives you a slight edge on single target damage but is overshadowed by T1 for cleave fights. The extra int is nice, sure. But if you're using Major Mana Pots and Dark/Demonic runes you should pretty much be set on mana indefinitely. 34 A Hunter outfit containing 11 items. A custom transmog set created with Wowhead's Dressing Room tool. By swater96. In the Hunter Outfits category

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  1. Ein Jäger Outfit mit 11 Gegenständen. Benutzerdefiniertes Transmogset; erstellt mit Wowheads Anprobe. Von swater96. In der Jäger Outfits Kategorie
  2. Dragonstalker Armor is the Tier 2 Raid Set. It contains 8 pieces. Has set bonuses at 3, 5, and 8 pieces
  3. Garments of the Oracle Set Bonuses 3 Pieces: 20% chance that your heals on others will also heal you 10% of the amount healed. 5 Pieces: Increases the duration of your Renew spell by 3 sec
  4. Sets (T2) Item sets in Torchlight II are a collective or group of items that give special bonuses when two or more are equipped together. Sets can include any type of equippable item. Sets range from only a few items to one for every item slot, with most rare sets covering at least each of the seven main armor slots

The 8/8 T2 set bonus for Mage is one of the most entertaining set bonuses, so mages are typically all to eager to complete it just for fucking around with in PvP. It's not ideal for PvE at all though, and even for PvP it's questionable. But damn if it ain't fun Wearing more pieces of the Conqueror's Battlegear set will grant the following bonuses to your character. 3-Piece Bonus — Decreases the Rage cost of all Warrior shouts by 35%. 5-Piece Bonus — Increase the Slow effect and damage of Thunder Clap by 50% The tier 2 eight-piece epic armor set drops primarily from bosses in Blackwing Lair. Early in the game, the set items dropped in Molten Core alongside Tier 1, but were removed in Patch 1.4. Tier 2 was readded in Patch 1.6 with the addition of Blackwing Lair. The tier 2 sets all had placeholder models, which were updated in Patch 1.9 For details, refer to the set page. Two out of five tokens drop from bosses in Karazhan: The token for the headpiece of each set drops from Prince Malchezaar and; the token for the gloves of each set drops from The Curator. Two out of five tokens drop from bosses in Gruul's Lair: The token for the pants of each set drops from Gruul the Dragonkiller an

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These 'sets' do not have a proper name and offer no set bonuses. They do however present a unified look and carry hunter-friendly stats. Red Beaststalker Armor - Geared toward 60-66 level hunters. Drops in various Outland dungeons. Yellow Giantstalker Armor - Geared toward 68-70 level hunters. Drops in various Outland dungeons Spider Armor Set Bonus - Hunter's Prowess. Full Spider Set Materials Required - 2 Spider Fangs, 12 Spider Chunks, 8 Spider Silk, 7 Berry Leather. Spider Armor is a tier 2 armor that provides the +Hyperstamina buff per piece of armor. This buff will make you regain stamina faster. The full armor set bonus of Hunter's Prowess makes you run slightly faster. It's not significant, but. The 6 set bonus is exclusively nice for PvE raiding, and at some extend means infinite mana. =) The last bonus looks relatively disappointing to my eyes, or unimportant, however it may work well in action over a long fight. Comment by 6799 worst 8 piece bonus ever for hunters. with the TBC talents/rotation this will only reduce ur mana per rotation (of 10 seconds) by 20 mana. Since u will.

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WoW Patch 7.3: Die Tier 21 Sets aller Klassen - die ersten Bilder mit allen Boni. Schaut euch die nagelneuen T21-Rüstungen bei uns an Durch das T2 Set erhält man einen deutlich höheren Agi und Rüstungswert. Der 8 teile t1 boni mag wirklich sehr nett sein und dem 8 teile t2 bonus überlegen, aber das haut den rest auch nich raus. Der 8 teile t1 boni mag wirklich sehr nett sein und dem 8 teile t2 bonus überlegen, aber das haut den rest auch nich raus Willkommen auf der offiziellen Nickelodeon Webseite. Hier findest du das aktuelle TV Programm, kannst ganze Folgen der Nickelodeon Kinderserien kostenfrei anschauen. Erlebe kostenlos Folgen von Spotlight, Victorious, Die Thundermans, Henry Danger, iCarly, Big Time Rush, SpongeBob Schwammkopf, Sam und Cat und vielen mehr Weil T2 is erst besser, wenn man 4 oder 5 Teile davon hat (wegen der Stat-Boni, nicht wegen der Set-Boni, die sin nämlich gleichwertig bzw. is T1 sogar leicht überlegen) und man außerhalb von BWL maximal 2 davon kriegen kann. Also wenn möglich er GS komplettieren

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