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Factory Reset: Remove Data + Setting Replacing 0 should be named as secure erase. And there is no further information from the UI to tell you all about this. Until you waited forever after clicking the factory reset button If you have a single bay My Cloud unit one can perform a 4 second reset or a 40 second reset following the directions in the following WD Knowledgebase article. Or one can see the WD My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Utilities section which has further reset options including resets that remove user data. How to reset a My Cloud device | WD Suppor Scroll down the page to the bottom, you will find there the Option disk formatting. Here you click next to All media on the small arrow, if necessary, only desired to select hard drives. Click on the Button disk format and confirm the process. The WD My Cloud is now formatted Turn of the computer, unplug and plug the hard disk back to the board without putting it back to the case for testing. 5. Turn on the device and wait for the light to go Blue (Will take about 5mins) 6

Supportoptionen. Auf der Suche nach einer Problemlösung? Benötigen Sie Hilfe bei der Konfiguration von My Cloud? Hat Ihre Festplatte noch Garantie? Festplattenfehler? Garantiestatus prüfen. Sie benötigen eine Datenrettung? Benötigen Sie Hilfe zu My Passport / My Book Setup? Benötigen Sie einen Ersatz Öffnen Sie dafür unter Windows den Explorer, klicken Sie auf »Dieser PC« und drücken Sie dann oben im Reiter Computer auf »Netzlaufwerk verbinden«. Geben Sie im nächsten Fenster zwei..

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  1. Please select the product for reset instructions | WD Support
  2. Turn off the power on your WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra device. Take a paperclip or pin. Press the reset button and hold it with the paperclip or PIN for 40 seconds. Meanwhile, pressing the reset button, plug the power cord to your device. Release the reset button after 40 seconds. Your WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra device will be reset and will reboot in the process
  3. From the next window, the WD My Cloud data recovery shows all the partitions of the internal hard drive and connected hard drives. Choose WD My Cloud as the location and click the Scan button to recover data from WD My Cloud hard drive. Step 4. Preview and Recover Data from WD My Cloud

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  1. The WD My Cloud personal cloud storage system is a high-performance system providing secure wireless access to your media and files from any computer, tablet, or smartphone when it is connected to a wireless router. Connect this powerful system to your wireless router for shared storage on your home network and accessing your files from within and outside the home. Share files with your Mac.
  2. There are two options to Reset a My Cloud EX4100 device, both use the Reset button located on the back of the device (see illustration for exact location). Please see details and instructions below. Critical: The following process is Not Data Destructive and will not impact user data on the device
  3. Western Digital My Cloud - WD 4TB öffnen und Daten retten - [mit Video] 20. August 2016 Tuhl Teim HDD / SSD, HDD / SSD klonen. Hier seht Ihr eine mögliche Datenrettung von einem externen Western-Digital Netzwerkspeicher (NAS) mit Linux-Formatierung. Viele Festplatten in Netzwerkspeichern haben eigene Formate und lassen sich nicht direkt unter Windows lesen. Dieses Video zeigt, wie man.
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  5. When contacting WD for support have your WD product serial number, system hardware, and system software versions available. North America Europe (toll free)* 00800 ASK4 WDEU (00800 27549338) English 800.ASK.4WDC Europe +31 880062100 (800.272.4932) Middle East +31 880062100 Spanish 800.832.4778 Africa +31 880062100 Mexico 001 8002754932 Russia 8 10 8002 335 5011 South America Asia Pacific Chile.
  6. My Cloud™ Home Duo is an easy-to-use personal cloud storage device that plugs directly into your Wi-Fi router at home so you can save all your digital content in one central place. Unlike a NAS, it's a simple centralized solution to back up your photos, videos and files, and have it stored in one place. With the My Cloud Home app, you can access, upload and share your content from anywhere with an internet connection
  7. My Cloud Home Desktop-App (64-Bit-Betriebssystem erforderlich): Betriebssystem Windows® 10 oder Windows 8.1/8.0; Betriebssystem macOS® Big Sur(11), Catalina(10.15), Mojave (10.14), macOS High Sierra (10.13) My Cloud Home Mobile-App: Betriebssystem iOS® 11 oder höher; Betriebssystem Android™ Marshmallow (6.0) oder höhe
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two hard drives and is set to Mirror Mode (RAID 1)*, so all your photos, videos and files are stored on one drive and automatically duplicated onto the second drive for extra peace of mind.* This feature applies only to a My Cloud Home Duo device, not a My Cloud Home single-drive device. Mobile, on-the-go access — Use the My Cloud ™ Home mobile app, desktop app or MyCloud.com to upload. From an SD Card - Using the WD My Cloud Mobile App (Android) Import all files on an SD card to your drive using the WD My Cloud mobile app. Make sure the WD My Cloud app is installed on your mobile device. Insert the SD card into the My Passport Wireless drive. On your mobile device, launch the WD My Cloud mobile app. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner. In the Devices section, tap the.

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WD My Cloud Data Recovery Challenges. There are a few things you should be aware of if you're going to attempt your own recovery of a WD My Cloud with a Red light. The filesystem is not NTFS, FAT, HFS+ or any of the others that your typical data recovery software is going to support. It is formatted EXT4 which is a Linux filesystem (the OS. WD My Cloud NAS devices have hard-wired backdoor This is serious: some of the messed-up machines can host VMs and databases. Richard Chirgwin Mon 8 Jan 2018 // 00:58 UTC. Share . Copy. UPDATE If you have a Western Digital My Cloud network attached storage device, it's time to learn how to update its OS because researcher James Bercegay has discovered a dozen models possess a hard-coded.

If you want to reset your WD My Cloud storage, all you have to do is find the right setting. We'll show you how it's done. Reset WD My Cloud to factory settings . Note: Depending on the device, the following instructions may differ slightly in the design. First, open the WD My Cloud dashboard. To do this, enter the IP address assigned during. Reset-Taste Auf der Rückseite Ihrer My Cloud Home, oberhalb der/des USB-Port(s) befindet sich die Reset-Taste. Dies ist eine winzige, eingesenkte Taste, die mit einer Büroklammer oder einem ähnlichen spitzen Gegenstand betätigt werden kann. Tabelle 1.4 Funktion Reset-Taste Gerätebetrieb 1 bis 29 Sekunden lang gedrückt halte Locate the network adapter that you are currently using, right-click on it and select Properties. Go to the Advanced section and click the WINS tab. Select the Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and click on the OK button to resolve Wd My Cloud issues. Step 4: Reset the network When contacting WD for support have your WD product serial number, system hardware, and system software versions available. North America Europe (toll free)* 00800 ASK4 WDEU (00800 27549338 Erstmalige Einrichtung eines My Cloud- Personal Cloud-Laufwerks in einem Netz. Sicherung von Windows oder Mac auf einem WD NAS-Gerät (Network Attached Storage) In diesem Artikel wird erklärt, wie eine Sicherung auf My Cloud-, WD Sentinel- oder.

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7. Once you get a blue light, download WD My Cloud Setup for Windows from the official site to find your My Cloud Device. 8. Go to the Dashboard, do a Quick Factory Reset, under Settings -> System Factory Restore -> Quick Restore. 9. Wait for it to finish and good luck!! Image Information. For the image files, you can get it from the. Wenn die WD My Cloud erst vor Kurzem gestartet wurde, kann es einige Minuten brauchen, bis sie voll funktionsfähig ist. Warten Sie bis zu fünf Minuten, bis das Gerät wieder einsatzfähig ist... Ich habe eine WD my Cloud Mirror Gen2. Seit der OS5 funktioniert der Twonky Media Server nicht mehr bei mir. Wo OS3 noch drauf war, gab es nie Probleme damit

Öffnen Sie die Benutzeroberfläche Ihrer WD My Cloud im Browser. Dazu müssen Sie die IP-Adresse des Gerätes als URL verwenden. Melden Sie sich an und gehen Sie anschließend in die Einstellungen... My Passport® My Cloud Home; My Cloud; My Book; Interne Laufwerke / SSDs; WD Elements / WD easystore; Eingebetteter und abnehmbarer Flash; WD ReadyView; Ältere und andere Produkte; Downloads WD-Software; Produkt-Firmware; Produkt-Downloads; Garantie & Rücksendungen Garantieservices; Garantieabwicklun My Cloud How to set up a My Cloud device using the Dashboard. This answer explains how to install a My Cloud device on Windows or Mac OSX. Backing up Windows or Mac to WD Network Attached Storage (NAS) This article explains how to perform a backup to a My Cloud, WD Sentinel or My Book.

Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Click All Tools and choose SSD Secure Erase Wizard, or right click on the WD My Passport and select SSD Secure Erase. Step 3. Choose the disk you are going to erase from the list and click Next Resetting the WD My Cloud Device Resetting with Power On If you have set a password or a static IP address on the WD My Cloud dashboard and have forgotten it, pressing the reset button while the device is powered up resets the password to the default value of none and to default IP settings

Illustrated above are the various ports, connectors and buttons on the rear of a My Cloud Home Duo device and My Cloud Home device. 1. Power Button 2. Reset Button 3. USB Port(s) 4. Ethernet Port 5. DC Power Connector Power Button My Cloud Home Duo (two-bay device) has a rear-facing power button. My Cloud Home (single-drive device) does not have a power button

Make sure the WD My Cloud app is installed on your iPhone or iPad. In the WD My Cloud app, tap Public at the bottom of the left pane. In the top right corner of the Public pane, tap the three horizontal dots and then tap Add Photo. Tap Camera Roll. Select photos and tap the upload icon Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid. In this video, Matthew Bennion, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, takes you through setting up your WD My Cloud for a Windows computer. From plugging in to runn... From plugging in to runn.. Featuring Ultra-reliable WD Red NAS Drives My Cloud EX4100 comes pre-configured with WD Red hard drives, specifically built for NAS systems to provide improved performance within 24x7 environments. The My Cloud EX4100 is also available in a diskless version, so you can create a custom NAS with compatible hard drives. Volume Encryptio

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WD's My Cloud Mirror device offers flexible backup options to protect valuable content from all the PC and Mac® computers in your home. WD SmartWare™ Pro backup software for PCs offers options that fit your schedule. My Cloud Mirror is also compatible with Apple® Time Machine® for Mac® users to keep their content safe and sound Ironically, another WD USB Drive! You can follow the steps described below to attempt to recover the data if you own a non-responsive WD My Cloud. The cost incurred to recover the data was below $15. The data recovery will be successful if the issue is from firmware update and not due to physical damage to hard disk. Opening the enclosur Die WD My Cloud bietet Ihnen einige praktische Features. Sie können zum Beispiel einstellen, dass in ihr automatisch die Backups Ihres Rechners gespeichert werden. Neben dem Backup Ihres Rechners lassen sich außerdem die Backups von Smartphones und Tablets in der Cloud ablegen. Sie können die Cloud allerdings auch einfach als eine Speichererweiterung, die über das Netzwerk erreichbar ist. Die WD My Cloud ist ein Cloudspeichergerät, auf dem Sie Ihre Fotos, Videos und Dateien speichern und sichern können. Möchten Sie Dateien auf das Gerät übertragen und bekommen dabei die Meldung, dass keine Verbindung möglich ist, gibt es dafür verschiedene Gründe

When contacting WD for support have your WD product serial number, system hardware, and system software versions available. North America Europe (toll free) * 00800 ASK4 WDEU (00800 27549338) English 800.ASK.4WDC Europe +31 880062100 (800.275.4932) Middle East +31 880062100 Spanish 800.832.4778 Africa +31 880062100 Mexico 001 8002754932 Russia 8 10 8002 335 5011 South America Asia Pacific. WD My Cloud Windows 10 Cannot Access . WD My Cloud is one of the most popular centralized solution to backup your photos, videos and files, then store it in one place. Therefore, it has many users worldwide. But an increasing number of users report that they find Windows 10 doesn't recognize WD My Cloud or WD My Cloud Windows Explorer cannot access, especially after upgrading to Windows 10. Starten Sie WD My Cloud und wechseln Sie in den Tab Cloud-Zugriff. Wählen Sie dort links einen Benutzer aus und klicken Sie auf Registrieren. Geben Sie anschließend Ihre Daten ein, um sich bei My Cloud zu registrieren. Lassen Sie die Webseite geöffnet, nachdem Sie eingeloggt sind. Auf der Startseite sehen Sie Ihre My Cloud-Geräte. Was bedeutet dies? Wie kann ich die Hardware wieder in den Normalzustand bringen. Eingereicht am 14-1-2021 09:58. Antworten Frage melden; Guten Tag Ich brauche, ohne mich durch zig Seiten lesen zu müssen, eine einfache, für Laien verständliche Anleitung wie ich in meinem Heimnetzwerk, LAN und WLAN über WD My Cloud EX2 Dateien zwischen PC u.

Scan your WD My Book external hard drive. If the first scan cannot search your data, you can do a deep scan with the All-around Recovery data recovery mode which will deeply search more data and take more time. Recover files from WD My Book external hard drive. In the end, detected data on your Western Digital external hard drive will be displayed in the program window. You can view file. My Cloud EX2 Ultra comes pre-configured with WD Red hard drives, specifically built for NAS systems to provide improved performance within 24x7 environments. The My Cloud EX2 Ultra is also available in a diskless version, so you can create a custom NAS with compatible hard drives

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WD MY CLOUD EX2 PERSONAL CLOUD STORAGE USER MANUAL... Page 41 5. Enter the Quota Amount, or leave the values blank for unlimited space, and then click Save. (See Quota Rules on page 40 for information on quotas.) Your new user account displays on the left pane of the Set Up Users screen. WD MY CLOUD EX2 PERSONAL CLOUD STORAGE USER MANUAL.. The options that come with storage use the WD Red NAS hard drives and have a three-year limited warranty. If you'd rather build your own, you can choose the diskless model and add drives yourself, so long as they are compatible. The WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra comes with a two-year limited warranty and is priced $159.99, $349.99, $449.99, and $599.99 for the diskless, 4TB, 8TB, and 12TB. Page 1 My Cloud Pro Series ™ User Manual • My Cloud PR2100 • My Cloud PR4100...; Page 2: Wd Service And Support WD Service and Support Should you encounter any problem, please give us an opportunity to address it before returning this product Welcome to My Cloud. Let's set up your personal cloud and create a My Cloud account. It won't take long. Get started. By clicking the Get started button, you consent to the WD license agreement and privacy policy. IP address: MAC address: Searching for your device Be sure your device is on and connected to the same network as this computer. Connecting to your device Connected . IP.

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  1. WD My Passport 2 TB Ultra Externe Festplatte (6, 4 cm (2, 5 Zoll), Kabel, Backup-Software, Passwortschutz, Hardware-Verschlüsselung, autom. Cloud-Backup, USB 2.0, USB 3.0) schwarz - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei Amazon.de bestellen
  2. MANUALE PER L'UTENTE DI WD MY CLOUD 3 . Panoramica sul prodotto. Contenuto della confezione Requisiti. Componenti del prodotto Istruzioni di preinstallazione. Precauzioni per l'uso. Contenuto della confezione Il dispositivo WD My Cloud personal cloud storage Cavo Ethernet Adattatore di alimentazione CA Guida di installazione rapid
  3. WD My Cloud Home performance. Once plugged in, the WD My Cloud Home can pretty much be left alone. It makes a constant low hissing noise when it's running, and there are occasional chirps and.
  4. Hardware. In der WD My Cloud Home kommt ein 1,4 Gigahertz schneller Vierkern-Prozessor von Realtek (RTD1296PBCG) zum Einsatz. Der Arbeitsspeicher ist ein Gigabyte groß. Auf dem Papier ist die neue Generation somit deutlich schneller als die My Cloud oder die My Cloud Mirror, bei denen vergleichsweise langsame Dual-Core-Prozessoren verwendet werden. Auf der Rückseite befinden sich alle.
  5. My Cloud Web access. Securely access your photos, music and files from anywhere
  6. Mit WD My Cloud habt ihr euren eigenen Cloud-Speicher im Heimnetzwerk und könnt auf Fotos, Videos und andere Dateien zufreigen und diese teilen, sofern ihr mit dem Internet verbuinden seid
  7. e. Offsite storage is the ultimate backup solution. It does not matter how many backup systems I have if they are all at the same location. WD should.
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WD My Cloud Software: Download und Features. Damit auf das My Cloud-Gerät mit der WD My Cloud-Software für Windows zugegriffen warden kann, muss sich das Wireless-Gerät in demselben WLAN wie. The My Cloud Home supports hardware-accelerated H.264 encoding. When content needs to be transcoded, the server will also need to decode the video stream before transcoding it. The hardware-accelerated decoding support varies slightly between the single-bay My Cloud Home and the dual-bay My Cloud Home Duo devices. Refer to WD's My Cloud Home Video Transcoding Support article for specific.

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Western Digitals My Cloud ist eine fast fehlerlose, rudimentäre Private Cloud mit Streaming-Server Der My-Cloud-Speicher von Western Digital überzeugt im Test mit super einfacher Bedienung und. ERSTE SCHRITTE 15 WD MY CLOUD - PERSÖNLICHER CLOUD-SPEICHER BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG Eine persönliche Cloud anlegen Der Webzugang WD My Cloud bietet einen kostenlosen Remotezugriff auf Ihr persönliches Cloud-Gerät WD My Cloud. Sobald Sie angemeldet sind, fügt sich das WD My Cloud-Gerät wie ein lokales Laufwerk in Ihren Computer ein, und Ihre Remote-Ordner stehen auf jedem Mac oder PC zur. Step-4: Location of WD My Book External Hard Drive. For your WD My Book external drive, you have to select the drive letter. After selecting the window, you need to click the Start button

The WD My Cloud EX4 is a four-bay NAS designed for power users and small offices that builds on WD's new My Cloud platform. With a full array of applications and easy-setup design, the My Cloud EX4 offers a feature-rich, stable, and secure network storage solution of up to 16TB. Building on the design philosophy of its smaller sister, the EX4 retains the My Cloud's ease of use while offering. While the WD My Cloud Home product has been designed specifically for the storage of photos and videos, this is not the only area which can come under its consideration. It can also store your collection of audio files. However the selection of these files, as far as I could ascertain, is not handled in the same way as photo selection is handled. When selecting photos, which are made available. Western Digital Netzteil 12V 1,5A 18W für WD My Book, My Cloud, Elements, Live Besuchen Sie den Western Digital-Store. 4,5 von 5 Sternen 36 Sternebewertungen. Preis: 31,95 € Preisangaben inkl. USt. Abhängig von der Lieferadresse kann die USt. an der Kasse variieren. Weitere Informationen. Rückgabe Sichere Transaktion Rückgaberichtlinie Sie erhalten eine vollständige Erstattung für im. The WD My Cloud is Western Digital's answer to the Seagate Central, which came out five months ago.The new network-attached storage server was worth the wait, however, offering by far the fastest. WD My Cloud - Design. The roots of the My Cloud come from WD's existing My Book range of backup hard drives. This is no bad thing. Over the years WD has refined the My Book design and it.

Update the My Cloud firmware. You'll need to do this from the device dashboard (web interface) under Settings. Update the My Book Live firmware. You'll need to do this from the device dashboard (web interface) under Settings. Accept your device's security certificate. Note: After you accept the certificate, you might have to refresh this tab to see your files. If you still can't connect to the. The WD My Book Duo is the newest addition to the company's easy-to-use family of desktop storage solutions for both the home and office, which is comprised of two WD Red drives (which are optimized for small RAID environments), hardware-level RAID, and USB 3.0. The My Book Duo comes bundled with software that creates secure local, cloud and system-level backups for a complete data protection. The WD - My Cloud 4TB Personal Cloud Storage External Hard Drive (NAS) is simply GREAT and a nice price (approx $190) for 4TB of network storage. 1. Easy to install. Literally, take it out of the box, connect the cables. Each device on your network is able to find/access the NAS. 2. Quite fast. The NAS is quite fast - However, be aware that your network speed comes into play, so it is not as. Fazit: Western Digital My Cloud EX2 Ultra Die WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra gehört zu den besonders günstigen NAS, vor allem, wenn man sie bereits mit Festplatten bestückt kauft

The WD My Cloud Home is a network-integrated portable hard drive that allows you to operate your own personal cloud. It's got a 1.4 GHz quad-core RealTek processor, 1GB of RAM and comes with a two year warranty. The My Cloud Home is available in 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB sizes. Credit: Western Digita eines My Cloud EX2 Ultra-Geräts. Beide erfolgen über die . Reset-Taste. auf der Rückseite des Geräts (siehe Abbildung). Details und Anweisungen finden Sie unten. Kritisch: Folgender Vorgang ist nicht Daten vernichtend und hat keine Auswirkungen auf die Benutzerdaten, die sich auf dem Gerät befinden. My Cloud EX2 Ultra - Position der Reset-Taste. Option A: 4-Sekunden-Reset (Zurücksetzen. The My Cloud then worked faultlessly for several months, until I decided to add a 4Tb WD My Book to it as a USB backup. The My Cloud failed to recognise the My Book. After many days of correspondence with the excellent WD user community, and the WD support desk, the problem was diagnosed as a faulty USB port, and the My Cloud was duly replaced by WD with a new (reconditioned) My Cloud. After. The My Cloud Home Duo just requires you to plug in the power adaptor and an Ethernet cable, and power it up. There's no manual or further instructions to read, which makes setup a little bit.

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WD is positioning the My Cloud Home Duo as something you'd want to setup at home, and so it's a bit odd that it doesn't feature a native media service to stream content to compatible devices. oder Sie verwenden die My Book Live-Software (siehe Systemeinstellungen auf Seite 66). Nordamerika Asien/pazifischer Raum Englisch 800.ASK.4WDC Australien 1 800 42 9861 (800.275.4932) China 800 820 6682/+65 62430496 Spanisch 800.832.4778 Hongkong +800 6008 6008 Indien 1 800 11 9393 (MNTL)/1 800 200 5789 (Reliance) 011 26384700 (Pilot Line) Europa (kostenlos)* 00800 ASK4 WDEU Indonesien.

Everything about WD My Passport is great except one, reparability. The small form factor means that WD My Passport repair is not the easiest one to do. And hard disk errors can happen from both the hardware and software side of things. So before you jump into conclusions, you need to understand the root of the problem. Hence, the first part of. The hardware features on My Cloud, which includes the hard drive, dual core processor, and a Gig Ethernet interface, are first rate. I have been looking for a reasonably priced network drive for a couple of years. I almost purchased the My Book Studio Live last year, but read some terrible reviews. When I saw the price and features on the My Cloud, I decided to give this one a try. So far, I.

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Our WD My Cloud DL4100 8TB model comes populated with two WD Red 4.0TB hard drives. WD ships this model in RAID 1, but the 16TB and 24TB models come with a RAID 5 array (block-level striping with. Wie übertrage ich unter Windows 10 Fotos auf WD My Cloud? Eingereicht am 16-4-2018 08:23. Antworten Frage melden; Wie kann ich bei Netzwerkproblemen die WD Cloud mirror direkt an den PC anschliessen? Eingereicht am 11-11-2017 10:17. Antworten Frage melden; beim einloggen werde ich nach dem geraetecode gefragt Eingereicht am 4-9-2017 21:52. Antworten Frage melden. Auf dem Laufenden bleiben. WD Sentinel DS6100 My Cloud PR4100 Setup Auto Backup Follow the instructions below to setup auto backup in the My Cloud mobile app. 1. Open the My Cloud mobile app and tap the icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen to access the Setting Menu. 2. Tap Settings. 3. Scroll down to and Tap Back up options. 4. Tap the Camera back up. 5. To change the backup location, Tap Location to select.

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My Passport Ultra Metal Edition , das neuste tragbare Laufwerk von WD, vereint ein edles Aluminium-Design mit hoher Kapazität, eine r Software zur lokalen und Cloud-Sicherung und einem Passwortschutz mit Hardwareverschlüsselung I brought this to play back high quality mkv, avi and mp4 through a connected 1tb WD hard drive (my passport). Wd Media Player did this flawlessly and i am very happy with that. What lets the system down is a tendency to be sluggish in response to controls. The hardware could be faster to make menus and thumbnails/info load quicker and perhaps concentrate on including the community more when.

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