Rzm m7/14 ss dagger

RZM M7/14 SS Dagger Lakesidetrade

The dark and crisp, acid etched RZM M7/14 (R D. Lüneschloss, Solingen) maker mark and Meine Ehre heisst Treue motto are both beautifully executed! The crossgrain is stunning and easily visible as you shine it in the light! The tip comes to a perfectly sharp point and the fit remains nice and tight! The blade rates a conservative Exc++/NM These RZM and/or special SS RZM codes appear on daggers made starting in 1934. Several combinations of RZM code, special SS RZM code, date, RZM symbol, SS symbol, and maker's mark are shown below. These are the generally accepted marks found on original daggers. If you have other examples, we would like to include them in the list. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please contact Vern. This is a Luneschloss SS dagger with the RMZ number m7/14 a the hilt of the blade.Dagger has nickel plated fittings with hard bake lite style handle. SS symbol and eagle in silver on front RZM Contract Numbers found on SS Daggers. In my opinion the codes below are SS contract numbers for manufacturing daggers. The contract, in some cases, have been split between 2 or more manufacturers. Where known, I have included the company names below: 15/38 SS J.A. Henckels Solingen 15/39 SS J.A. Henckels/Ed Wüsthof Solingen 120/34 121/34. During the years of 1936-1938 the Jacobs RZM number disappeared from the license list of those firms producing SA & SS daggers. In 1939 the RZM code of M7/118 is now seen with the Jacobs firm being assigned this new code. The RZM license list of 1939 shows the same exact address of the Jacobs firm as was listed in the 1935 list

SSDAG #45385 Late Model 1933 SS E.M. - RZM 15/39 SS. This SS RZM dagger almost appears to have been a factory leftover, as its original condition is phenomenal. The nickel-plated cross guards retain all of their plating and the finish remains in new-like, bright condition. By the shape of the guards, they appear to have been produced by the Böker firm, who did make plated cross guards and. A Model 1933 SS Dagger (Schutzstaffel Dienstdolch) by Carl Eickhorn of Solingen SS Contract Number 941 1936. This is a very interesting example which is double proofed. It has the initial early large double oval trademark with, CE below the squirrel. Appearing below the trademark is a smaller style open RZM circle with the SS contract # 941/36/SS. Now look carefully at this etch..

SS/RZM Codes - German Daggers

RZM-Herstellerliste . M7 = Dolche ** Bei manchen RZM Codes, gab es ZWEI Herstelle A Model 1933 SS Dagger (Schutzstaffel Dienstdolch) unknown maker, SS Contract Number RZM 121/34 SS.The blade on this one looks awesome! It has been cleaned and retains absolutely wonderful crossgraining, which runs the full length of the blade! The 'Meine Ehre Heisst Treue' motto and 'SS 121/34 RZM' maker mark are both: crisp and beautifully executed

WWII German Luneschloss SS Dagger RZM m7/14

Der RZM Code auf der Klinge ist RZM M7/14 (P. D. Lüneschloss Solingen). SS Dolch ist zusammen mit einem Senkrechtgehänge bzw. Vertikalgehänge SS 1/36 RZM. Griff: Der Griff besteht aus Ebenholz, auf diesem befinden sich das SS Eblem und der Hoheitsadler, diese sind innen geklammert SS Honor Dagger with handle in 100% Wood. Not plastic as other countries make. Text on blade: Meine Ehre Heisst Treue Marked: RZM M7/14. Please see ALL pictures, made in 14 pieces. Handcrafted. Size: 41,5 cm. SA (Sturmabteilung) Honor Dagger with handle in WOOD! Add to cart. OUR NEW SA HONOR DAGGER READY!! In Box! All the Daggers Handcrafted! Please see all pictures! SA Honor Dagger with.

German Dagger RZM Codes Lakesidetrade

  1. RZM M7 makers code list. Plus SS dagger codes. by . Adrian Stevenson. 09-02-2010 07:17 AM 0 Comments. Political daggers were ususally marked with the RZM code M7/. Here is a list of the codes with the makers name: M7/1 Gebruder Christians, Christianswerk, Solingen M7/2 Emil Voos Waffenfabrik, Solingen M7/3 Kuno Ritter, Solingen-Grafrath M7/4 August Muller KG., Solingen-Merscheid M7/5 Carl.
  2. GERMAN SA DAGGER RZM M7/42 - A very nice example manufactured in 1942. Painted scabbard with very little wear, Complete with leather hanger. WWII SA DAGGER HERM KONEJUNGA - This is a lesser known manufacturer. The dagger was made in the city of Solingen. mid war production
  3. This photo is an example of how the blade of an SA dagger has been marked with the RZM number. In this case the RZM indicates that the blade was manufactured by Artur Schuttelhofer & Co, Solingen - Wald. The reference code for blades was M7 (M=material; 7=blade). View the Edge Weapons collection
  4. Wardaggers.com - Prior to 1936 and during the early years of the SA ( Sturmabteilung ) all German SA and NSKK dagger manufacturers stamped or etched their own firms trademark onto the blade. This procedure changed in 1936 with the introduction of Reichszeugmeisterei der NSDAP or RZM codes designated for each German Political dagger manufacturer and was a form of licensing controlled by the NSDAP

To the dagger itself: It looks like a very well preserved SS dagger with the identifier M7/14 RZM 1051/40SS and the clearly recognizable etching Meine Ehre heißt Treue on the blade The manufacturing of the SS dagger was under the supervision of the RZM in 1934, Which exercised a tight control over the materials, construction and dimensions used in producing the dagger. By 1935 the blades began to be marked with the RZM logo instead of the manufacturer's brand. However, like in many other German blades, there are some examples in which both stamps were placed on the blade. The reverse ricasso is stamped with an RZM circle, with the code M7/14. The Reichszeugmeisterei, or RZM, was was based at the Brown house in Munich and NSDAP party headquarters in Berlin. The RZM ensured that the manufacturers of military items were consistent in design, quality of materials and other characteristics of the items. It also defined standards of design, manufacturing and quality. Hi SS dagger collectors. For long time now I'm playing with the idea to make a thread regarding Fake SS daggers. Goal of this topic is, to post and discuss all fake SS daggers that you come across on the net and of those that you know are for sale 1933 Model Enlisted Dagger (RZM) (Item SSDAG 2-2) . DESCRIPTION: Here is an SS dagger that needs a little loving care. It was used, but not particularly abused possibly in early street battles with the reds? The scabbard has some dents in the midsection at the back and looks to have been repainted (many years ago probably in the Third Reich era)

SS Items; Tinnies/Day Badges; Uniforms; WW1 & WW2 British Items; WW1 German Items; Subscribe for Updates . Please subscribe and you will be the first to know about new items added to our website. Name. Email * PayPal. RZM Codes. Stock No. 70085. Product Information. M1 - Insignia and Badges. M1/1 Meyer & Franke, Luckenwalde M1/2 Richard Conrad, Weimar M1/3 Max Kremhelmer, München M1/4 Karl. Larry, was M7/36 rzm code even used for the ss dagger? Thanks Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last. Jump to page: Similar Threads. SA dagger RZM 7/27 Puma Solingen & Heer dagger: real or counterfeit? In SA Dienstdolch 02-07-2014, 08:25 PM. Where can I buy a quality replica of a SS dagger? In SS Dienstdolch, 1933 & 1936 03-18-2012, 12:06 PM. Views on this wounded badge ? Real of replica ? In Imperial Germany. The SS-Ehrendolch (SS honour dagger) was considered an honour weapon of the SS of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). In addition to this dagger there was also the SS Honour Ring and SS Honour Sword. The awarding ceremony was conducted according to strict rules developed by Heinrich Himmler. Introduction and ceremony. This honour weapon was introduced in December 1933, following analogous traditions in. Cookies erleichtern die Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden

Authenticity of SS dagger RZM M7/14? A guy is selling a dagger with the above marking on the base of the blade. It has the full chain as well. Not sure if this is accurate. . It wont let me post pictures bc it says the file is too large. ?? Anyway, any knowledge on the RZM M7/14 dagger and ways to tell authenticity would be much appreciated Original German WWII SA Dagger with Scabbard by P.D. Lüneschloss of Solingen - RZM M7/14 for sale online #44527 Hitler Youth Knife - RZM M7/14 1941 (Luneschloss) $850.0 This is a nice late-war RZM 1222/39 (M7/95) SS dagger attributed to J. A. Schmidt & Sohn, in overall excellent condition. The grip is in exceptional condition as it has only a couple of use wear marks (minor dings and scratches), the most noticeable being on the reverse as seen in the photos. The cross guards are a nice tight fit, along with excellent nickel plating in comparison to many other. The RZM was established in 1934 and was fully operational by 1936. M7 codes were assigned to Edged Weapon makers, M7h codes were assigned to sub-contractors performing specialized work in connection with the manufacture of edged weapons for M7 permit holders. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please contact Vern@GermanDaggers.com. M7 Codes for Edged Weapon Makers. RZM Company Name RZM.

HYK #44527 Hitler Youth Knife - RZM M7/14 1941 (Lüneschloss) This Hitler Youth Knife is in nice condition, being one of the last pieces made in 1941. It is a pot metal example but the nickel plating remains pretty good, with only some wear through on the pommel, quillon, and the area that was crossed by the retainer strap. Overall I'd say the. RZM Marks RZM codes appear on edged weapons produced for the NSDAP starting in 1934. By early 1938, RZM codes had been assigned to 82 manufacturers but 34 RZM codes had been withdrawn. An additional 36 codes were assigned between 1938 and 1943 with another 17 RZM codes withdrawn. The examples shown below are primarily from SA daggers and HJ knives. If anyone has questions or suggestions. SADAGGERS #43723C Late SA Dagger - RZM M7/66 1941 (Carl Eickhorn) This late production SA Dagger is a quality piece made by the famous Carl Eickhorn firm. The guards are brightly nickel plated, with 100% of the original plating. The tang nut does not look to have ever been off the dagger. The grip is an RZM type with a high center ridge. This grip some no evidence of use and is in perfect. SA/SS Rohm Dagger Makers SA/HJ RZM Codes SA Transitional RZM Codes SS RZM Codes-- U.S. Militaria --Air Force Enlisted Chevrons - 1947 to Date Army Branch Colors Army Enlisted Chevrons - 1821 to Date Army Enlisted Collar Discs Army Rank Insignia Aviator Wings Marine Enlisted Chevrons - 1833 to Date Navy Enlisted Rank/Rates - 1841 to Date Military Medals Ribbon Chart WW1 Division Patches WW2.

Ed Gembruch did not make a lot of SA daggers, and they even made fewer SS daggers. They more than likely purchased parts in quantities, like any manufacturer would, and when things changed due to the RZM cheapening of materials, they certainly were not going to throw out the parts inventories they had on hand. This dagger is a really excellent example of this type of occurrence. The. This SS Dagger exhibits a strong and clear Meine Ehre heißt Treue on the blade, marked RZM 1053/38 (WKC; Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co.) with the SS runes on the reverse ricasso. Despite residue marks on the blade, it retains beautiful crossgraining, exhibiting the usual in and out runner marks, with a tip that shows some contact. Nickel plated fittings on both crossguards, exhibiting light. RZM SS Dagger by Tegel - D774. Where once collectors would have turn their noses up to RZM era SA or SS dagger years ago but those times have gone by the way side for the last several years. The reason is the realization that condition will always outweigh the factor of whether an edged weapon was produced early or late in the period. Here's a beautiful RZM M33 SS dagger in this listing.

SS Daggers . Ulric of England holds an established and successful record for managing German SS edged weapon collections, and selling collectible SS daggers, including SS 1936 chained daggers, SS presentation daggers, SS Officer- and RZM daggers, plus related SS dagger accoutrements A 188/35 RZM SS Enlisted Dagger - Numbered - Maker SS 188/35 RZM, solid nickel fittings, painted scabbard showing moderate wear, minor dents; blade in very fine condition; the eagle in the grip repaired (with an original), cross guard marked 27979 SS Dagger RZM 807/36. $1,500.00 $1,100.00. NSKK Dagger by Arthur Schutelhofer RZM M7/13. $950.00 $850.00. SA Dagger by Wilhelm Weltersbach RARE MAKER. $950.00 $850.00. NSKK Dagger by Arthur Evertz RZM 7/85. $900.00. NSKK Dagger by Kaufmann & Sohne. $900.00. WW2 German Luftwaffe 1st Pattern Dagger by E&F Horster. $850.00 . WW2 German SA Dagger buy G. Felix Gloriawerk. $850.00 $800.00. WWII. The RZM code was used on political blades only and were not used on military blades. Maker marks continued to be used on Army, Navy and Luftwaffe edged weapons until blade production ceased in 1941 (swords) and 1942 (daggers). The following is a list of known edged weapon manufacturer's RZM codes taken from Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich by Tom Johnson who has kindly allowed.

SS rzm m7/14 dagger real or fake?

Historians and collectors of military antiques alike, have always been intrigued and beguiled by the Schutzstaffel, or SS. Relatedly, there are few pieces more emblematic of the SS, at least to collectors, than an untouched, premium quality SS dagger. Without focusing on the SS organization's origins, this article focuses on the construction and analysis of the so-designated early period. Welcome! This is an original remake with a dagger or a SA.RZM incomprehensible without a date, there is no stigma of the SS.Blade thickness of 5.5 mm near the trailer in the middle of 5, with the motto of 4.6 m A very nice early RZM dagger here from Arthur Schuttelhofer (RZM 7/13). This one is nice all around! The grip plates are free of cracks and only minimal use wear (hardly worth noting). There is some plate loss on the hilt, which is typical with these. The plating was applied in such a thin layer that it literally rubbed away over time and use. There is more loss on the reverse than the obverse.

Item Description: Translate description German ss dagger (rzm m7/m14) Unable to retrieve AutoCheck Summary Report, please try back later. Summary Vehicle History Report below provided by AutoCheck. AutoCheck® vehicle history reports deliver information on reported accidents, odometer rollback, lemon vehicles, branded titles and much more.. 1810EW1-SS enlisted model 1933 dress service dagger by RZM M7/5 Boker with original vertical hanger. This SS Boker dagger is one of the finest examples ever offered by Oakleaf Militaria. To begin, the dagger features the rarely seen Boker RZM M7/5 code. The black hardwood grip is stunning being free of chips and cracks. This grip presents perfectly affixed SS runics button and nickel silver. Part of a video of WW2 German militaria video - This one features an SS Dagger, RZM 1198/39 SS. All original, unmolested example. See other videos for the ot.. The original RZM standards institution (National Material Control Office, RZM) was created in 1929. When stamped on an item, the RZM number was divided in two sections. The first part denoted the type of item being controlled. For example, M1 was the RZM code for political medals and orders, M4 for belt buckles, M7 for daggers, M9 for badges, etc. Thus an SA dagger made by the A Werth company.

SS-PANZER-REGIMENT 12 New Release! U-552 The Red Devil Boat ; New Release! From Bessarabia to Belgrade New Release! Black Cross Red Star Vol.5 New Release! Fortress Budapest New Release! Bloody Vienna; RZM Publishing! PK Cameraman No.1 RZM Publishing! UNTERNEHMEN ILSE RZM Publishing! Blood, Steel, and Myth RZM Publishing! Waffen-SS Kursk Vol.6; New Release! Sturmpanzer-Abteilung 217 New. Original German WWII Model 1933 SS Dagger with Belt Hanger dated 1938 - RZM 1054 / 38 . Regular price $2,695.00 Quantity. Comments. Add to Cart. facebook; googleplus; twitter ; email; Item Description. Original Item: Only One Available: The SS (Schutzstaffel) was originally formed in 1925, ostensibly to act as a small, loyal bodyguard unit to protect the Führer, Adolf AH. Under the direction. WW2 German Dagger with the RZM numer 7/83. This number corresponds to the maker Richard Plumacher & Sohn. Very nice original German SS Dagger with must small chips in the handle. We buy WW2 German.

The ! SS Daggers - Meda Militari

  1. RZM SA Dagger by Weyersberg - D810. This listing is for a nice RZM period Storm Trooper's dagger in fine condition. It starts out with a grip that displays subtle tiger striping that truly has a beautiful effect. Carved with high profile center ridge contour, medium brown color, in the photos you can see the striping on both side. This grip.
  2. Early M33 SS Dagger by SS 807/36 RZM. This piece has all early nickel fittings. This beauty was purchased from famous dagger dealer Paul Hogle for 3600 dollars and it is in excellent condition. The blade has all of the crossgrain and is bright. The grip is in excellent condition. Paul advised that the dagger scabbard was re-anozided at one point and this was very nicely done. The piece overall.
  3. Impossible to tell from one photo. Post many more. Re: Sa Dagger RZM M7/3
  4. Luftwaffe Dagger (Air Force) with hanger, German - F. W. Holler, Solingen Kriegsmarine (Navy) Dagger, (hammered scabbard) - F.W. Höller Solingen SS Dagger, German - RZM 1198/39 SS

Wittmann Antique Militaria - SS (Schutzstaffel) Dagger Sectio

WW2 German NSKK Dagger. Maker Marked with the rare maker RZM M7/14 (P.D. Lüneschloss). The dagger is in good condtion, but please note the etched name on the reverse of the blade is done AFTER the war! DKK 4.875 #295 This is a nice scarce, seldom seen RZM 1222/39 (M7/95) SS dagger attributed to J. A. Schmidt & Sohn, in overall excellent condition. The grip is in exceptional condition as it has only a couple of use wear marks (minor dings and scratches), the most noticeable being on the reverse as seen in the photos. The cross guards are a nice tight fit, along with excellent nickel plating in comparison to. Here's a nice, late-war SA Dagger by F. W. Holler (RZM 7/33 1940), a SCARCE maker of SA Daggers. The dagger overall is in fantastic condition. The grip is a nice deep burgundy with no noteworthy dings and only a couple extremely minor scratches (almost not worth noting). There is a small hairline crack just above and center of the SA roundel, between the roundel and upper guard. We see. SS Daggers What is my WW2 German SS Dagger worth? $5000-$10,000 in most cases. What is a fair price for my WW2 German SS Dagger? I will pay $4000-$9000 for examples in good condition. My pledge to genuine surviving WW2 veterans and their families is to better all other offers . Why can you pay more? I have been dealing in such artefacts for half of my life. I buy for long term investors.

Meine Ehre heisst Treue, SS Dagger Lakesidetrade

M33 SS RZM 767 by Hammesfahr - D804. Though we know that edged weapon production really took a turn leading up to the years just before WWII, and by the time the war started manufacturing was nearly all but over. Consequently we do not see all that many M33 RZM SS daggers produced, compared to the from 1934-1936. I assume that with the onset of the war, young soldiers within the SS really. SS Dagger RZM M7/91 & RZM 1221/39SS. Result: 1255 of 2369. More From This Seller Previous Lot Next Lot. Lot # : 1380 - SS Dagger RZM M7/91 & RZM 1221/39SS. Click Main Image For Fullscreen Mode Winning. Won. Status. May Have Won. Pending. Not Accepted. Sealed. Pass. Outbid. Declined. Watching. Price Realized: 2,457.00 USD Date Sold: 9/30/2012: Click to add notes. Notes saved. Bid Live No. SA Dagger by RZM M7/36 - E.F. Horster. This is the so-called RZM style with the plated fittings. The blade is dark on this one but otherwise the dagger is in decent shape. LH810 The leather on this SS dagger hanger is rigid where it needs to be (the piece of backing leather), but the straps are still nice and flexible. There is no dry rot or excessive flaking. The lighter areas of the main strap are from use, not age or rot. The vertical strap that holds the loops in place is clearly marked with the embossed SS 19/38 RZM. The clasp shows honest (and expected.

RZM-Herstellerliste - DG

A RZM licence could be bought and by the middle of 1934 there were about 15,000 licensed manufacturing factories and craft producers, 1,500 tradesmen, 75,000 master tailors and 15,000 so-called brown shops in the German Reich. All pieces of equipment had to be labelled with a visible RZM copyright protection symbol and a product-assigned RZM number that contained encoded data about the. The dagger features a 220 mm-long nickel-plated magnetic metal blade, the obverse of which bears an acid-etched inscription of MEINE EHRE HEIßT TREUE (MY HONOUR IS LOYALTY), while the reverse ricasso has an acid-etched Reichszeugmeisterei (RZM) logo and code 1054/38 for an as-of-yet unidentified manufacturer, along with a SS logo. The tip of the blade presents in a sharpened. Here is your chance to pick up an original SS vertical dagger hanger. Plated fittings and covered in patina. RZM L2/1051/38 stamped. The leather is soft and supple and the interior has some mild traces of verdigris. Ready for your collection. This would pair well with a scabbard of the period and g Recht saubere Klinge Doppel-Hersteller RZM 941/36 SS - Carl Eickhorn Solingen, Neusilberbeschläge, der schwarze Holzgriff mit original eingesetztem Adler in Nickel sowie den emaillierten SS-Runen, auf der Vorder- und Rückseite mit Absplitterungen- und Spannungsrissen im Holz, brünierte Scheide mit leichten Kratzer, die Scheidenbeschläge aus Neusilber. Getragen, Zustand 2- 368440. € 3.

Save german ss dagger to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Shipping to: 20147. Update your shipping location. 7 S 0 p o n s o A r P A 7 E e d-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Price. Under $110.00 - apply Price filter. $110.00 to $200.00 - apply Price filter. Over $200.00 - apply Price filter. S E p o n s o T 8 O r e 3 X d 4 A I C. RARE HANDMADE WWII GERMAN SS FORGED DAMASCUS STEEL DAGGER. 1936 Model SS Dagger of Prince Josias von Waldeck und Pyrmont (Item SSDAG 1-5 & SS 25-1A) DESCRIPTION: This is one of the most incredible SS daggers ever found. It's the personal dagger having belonged to the hereditary prince of the famed Waldeck und Pyrmont family. To see how we obtained this fantastic dagger please read the information above in Item SS 25-1, about the Waldeck sword. After. looks like a SS dagger M7/14 is code for maker P.D. Luneschloss Solingen. If this is a original dagger then you have a rare one. And a dagger that is very much sought after by SS collectors. I do not collect SS items, but I'm sure there will be more responses to your thread concerning this dagger. Top. TenthDimension Member Posts: 2 Joined: 30 Jul 2007, 00:11 Location: United States. Post by. Buy ORIGINAL WWII GERMAN SS RZM M7/14 ENLISTED MAN'S DAGGER 100% GENUINE: GunBroker is the largest seller of WW1 & WW2 Collectibles Collectibles & Militaria Al

RZM Dagger Codes RZM Dagger Codes. By kenny andrew, September 7, 2013 in Edged Weapons. Share M7/14 R D. Luneschloss Solingen. M7/15 Carl & Robert Linder Solingen. M7/16 Justus Brenger & Co. Solingen-Wald . M7/17 A. Werth Solingen. M7/18 Richard Abraham Herder Solingen. M7/19 Edward Wüsthof Dreizackwerk Solingen. M7/20 Ernst Mandewirth Solingen. M7/21 Hermann Schneider Solingen. M7/22. As of late 1936 the SS dagger came under the complete control of the RZM authority with the result that the old SS crossguard stamping was fazed out and the RZM logo and the relevant manufacturer's number was added to the blade. There are a few very early made daggers with RZM code trademarks that have nickel fittings and a few that can be found with nickel plated fittings. The most common.

RZM SS Daggers. There is currently no content classified with this term.. The blade of this dagger is still bright, having some normal marks and just the slightest amount of smudging spread. The tip is still needle-like, and the SS motto Meine Ehre Heißt Treue (My Honor is Loyalty) remains in good condition. The reverse ricasso is matching etched with a single RZM circle over the code 941/38 SS. Beneath this is. GERMAN SS DAGGER. Post by HOEGIEBIE » 24 Oct 2007, 09:58 HALLO IS THERE SOMEONE WHO CAN TELL ME IF THIS IS AN ORIGINAL DAGGER OR IS IT A FAKE, INSCRIPTIONS ON THE BLADE/ RZM 1053/39 SS THANKS GUIDO FOTOS BIJ EMAIL AT Marbae@telenet.be. Top. Rich Yankowski Member Posts: 1774 Joined: 25 Nov 2002, 01:09 Location: Catskill Mts,N.Y.,U.S.A. Post by Rich Yankowski » 24 Oct 2007, 23:05 Pretty. SS EM/NCO's Belt Buckle by RZM 822/38 SS - Richard Sieper $ 695.00 Sold. Early M33 SS Dagger by SS 807/36 RZM $ 2,900.00 Sold. SS Honor Ring Totenkopfring to S.H. Wierer with Don Boyle COA $ 5,500.00 Sold. SS Visor Cap Eagle by RZM M1/8 Choice! $ 895.00 Sold. SA Dagger by GEB GRÄFRATH SOLINGEN $ 950.00 Sold. SS Visor Cap Skull by RZM 52 Deschler Vet Identified Piece. Model 1933 SS Dagger by RZM 941/37/SS (Eickhorn). Good looking Model 1933 SS Dagger by RZM 941/37/SS (Eickhorn) having a bright blade with all of the crossgraining present showing some marks from going in and out of the scabbard with the scabbard paint appearing to have been touched up at at one time. The grip and crossguard fittings and blade fit together perfectly and the patina on all.

SS dagger M7/14

Daggers - SS. Showing all 16 results. Chained SS Dagger $ 8,750.00 Add to cart; SS 1933 Dagger by Boker $ 4,195.00 Add to cart; SS 1933 E. Pack Dagger $ 4,295.00 Add to cart; SS 1933 Pattern by Boker $ 5,495.00 Add to cart; SS 33 Pattern Dagger by Hammesfahr $ 5,495.00 Add to cart; SS 33 Patterned Dagger by Herder. SS Swords. Ulric of England has an established- and successful- record for managing German SS daggers and SS sword collections, selling important SS daggers, including SS 1936 chained daggers, SS presentation daggers, SS Officer- and RZM daggers, SS swords, plus related SS dagger accoutrements WW2 German Model 1933 SS EM Dagger - Gottlieb Hammesfahr. The nickel cross guards have a nice dull even patina. The tang nut has the same even patina and does not appear to have had a wrench on it for many years. The cross guards have good smooth surfaces and precise accent grooves. The lower reverse cross guard is district marked III. The grip is of medium-to-sharp ridge construction and the. The second type of RZM numbers found on SS daggers is a code that runs from RZM 15 through to 1317. These RZM code refer to a SS contract numbers, not a company. These codes always have two numbers. The first is the contract number and the second the year of manufacture. So RZM 1198/40 translated means RZM contract 1198 and the year 1940. Lastly these contracts were issued to companies and in.

RZM Numbers

Schwarz belederte Metallscheide, Metallbschläge, Klinge mit Devise und Herstellerzeichen. Griff mit Runen / HK Dekorative Replik eines praktisch nicht zu bekommenden Originals, gute Möglichkeit diese Lücke in der Sammlung zu füllen RZM SA Dagger & M7 Maker Codes . I've seen lots of different RZM M7 / xxx maker codes over the years. I had no idea how many there actually were. A little research tells me there were 129 makers total! Does anyone know why there were so many? Maybe this was an effort to improve the economy and give people jobs as well as increase sentiment towards the war effort in Germany. From what I found.

SS Honor Dagger with handle in WOOD!A Chained SS Leaders Dagger - SS 1936 Chained Daggers - SAWWII GERMAN SA ERNST ROHM DAGGER EICKHORN RZMGerman DaggersModel 1936 Chained SS Dagger, Early

Initially, production of the dagger was not under RZM control. It was not until 1934 that the RZM started overseeing production of the dagger. The SS dagger is one of the most desirable daggers to obtain by a collector. It is also a difficult one to find. There are many replicas flooding the market so the buyer must be very careful when purchasing one. The hanger is made from leather and has a. View sold price and similar items: WWII German RZM M7/14 SS Dagger from JD's Auctions on February 6, 0117 5:00 PM EST SS Dagger No. 81 852 pictured on p. 189 in Exploring the Dress Daggers and Swords of the German SS by Thomas Wittman. Making History Personal Among collectors of World War II relics, many have known the frustration in trying to link the identity of the original owner with his serial number found stamped on a German SS dagger. Until now the only source for this information has been the periodic. Mint Puma RZM SA Dagger - D819. The description of this SA is going to be brief. The reason is all of the components are 99%, and the photos do a better job telling the tale of the tape, than what I can do. Have a gander at this baby! A stunning grip laden with light and dark grain lead the way on this gorgeous Storm Trooper's dagger. It is.

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